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What's an Estuary?

When you mix the fresh water of a river with the salt water of the sea, something wonderful happens...   As if by magic, a life-supporting habitat is created for thousands of species of fish, birds and mammals.


It's called an Estuary.


The Barnegat Bay Estuary is distinct from all other places on earth.  In fact, it is irreplaceable. Estuaries are the most productive ecosystems on earth, containing more life per square inch than the richest farmland or deepest forest.


What's An Estuary?  Now You Know.



The Barnegat Bay National Estuary Program (BBNEP), one of 28 estuaries of "national significance" in the United States, is federally funded by the .  The program is housed and sponsored locally by .  The BBNEP is a partnership of federal, state, municipal, academic, business and private organizations that work together with Ocean County and its communities to help restore, maintain, protect and enhance the natural resources of the Barnegat Bay Estuary and its contributing watershed through the 21st century.




BBNEP - Meeting Information


 Report- Barnegat Bay- Little Egg Harbor Estuary:  Ecosystem Condition and Recommendations



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